We've known Shawn Joshwick for almost 15 years. Met him when he was a fit model on another job and ended up working with each other for a couple of years. He’s been the face of a few really cool advertising campaigns, and also makes his own jeans. A true artist of his craft. When it came time to launch WITTMORE, Shawn was the first face we had in mind. He represents the WITTMORE guy in a natural way. We asked him our favorite 10 questions, which are listed below. He’s wearing Mark McNairy and Riviera Club in the pics below, in case you feel like browsing >

Who do you admire?
My parents. Because they are still together and they know how to make things work. You know?

Who are your favorite 5 musical artists that you can’t live without?
The Jesus and Mary Chain, Brian Jonestown Massacre, Oasis, Springsteen (that Nebraska record is one of my favorites) and The Verve.

What’s the first thing that comes to mind to describe your personal style?
What’s your favorite global city and what’s your preferred airline to get there?
I love Tokyo. JAL (Japan Airlines) is a great one. The flight attendants are cute and everything about it is Japanese. Comfortable and great service.

Who is your favorite modern artist?
Bill Stroebeck. You’ll be hearing about him. He does a lot of video stuff and has a really great aesthetic.

What was the first car you ever owned and what car would you buy right now?
Oh man. The first car I ever had was a Ford Escort. What a piece! And for today I guess I’ve always loved those 1980’s BMW 325i’s.

Where are you most comfortable?
In my sewing studio at home in Greenpoint, Brooklyn. There’s zero distraction, good lighting, and no fighting for equipment.

Name the most inspiring place you’ve ever seen first hand?
I hate to say Tokyo again but it’s true. From a style standpoint they have the greatest style, and it’s pretty inspiring from a design point I guess.

What future tech gadget should be invented?
Mine would be hair related. Is there something to grow my hair back?

What animal are you?
Wow. I’m probably a dog. I’m sure of it. I just want to lie around have people scratch my stomach and take me out for a walk once in a while.

What’s your beverage of choice? (Alcoholic or not)
I love beer. Stella is one of my faves.

How do you like your guacamole: mild, medium or spicy?
I don’t know. I’ve never had spicy so I guess I’m a mild guacamole guy.


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