One of the brands we’re carrying at WITTMORE is Universal Works. David Keyte, the guy behind the label, brings a unique sensibility to the way his clothes are designed; laid back, relaxed and comfortable but in a fitted way, which is tricky too achieve. The company also takes great care in deciding who they manufacture with, and it’s all based on history, skill, and quality. When we work through David’s collections, you really get to know him and what he stands for. It’s refreshing. To find out more, we asked him our favorite 10 questions, which are listed below. You can also click here to shop our favorite things from his latest collection > 

Photo: David Keyte of Universal Works

Who do you admire?
In life: Nelson Mandela, Rosa Parks, and my dad, for staying with what they believe in. In fashion: Martin Margiela, Rei Kawakubo, for staying with what they believe in. But every day right now I admire Dale, one of my best friends who is fighting cancer.

Who are your favorite 5 musical artists that you can’t live without?

Gil Scot Heron, Aretha Franklin, The Lemonheads, The Clash, and Jonathan Richman. but really there are many more than 5!  That’s just the first 5 that came to mind. Can I have 25 maybe?

What’s the first thing that comes to mind to describe your personal style?
I am a very relaxed kind of guy who appreciates classic menswear. I dress in loose pants, a waistcoat (you guys call it a vest), and a cap. Kind of skater kid crossed with an English gent!

What’s your favorite global city and what’s your preferred airline to get there?

I love New York, but I guess my favorite city is Tokyo. Such an inspiring place. I always fly Virgin Atlantic, from London to both cities.

Who is your favorite modern artist?


What was the first car you ever owned and what car would you buy right now?

1st was a Mini Cooper (the original, not the BMW version). It was 20 years old when I got it, but I loved it. As for a new car now, maybe I would get the new Mini built in England with German engineering. Good mix. Or maybe a big old station wagon. But then I think I could just get a new bike instead - the self propelled type.

Where are you most comfortable?

At home with family and friends with a glass of wine in hand and food on the table.

Name the most inspiring place you’ve ever seen first hand?

Watching any craftsman ( normally the older the guy the better)  in any small workshop. They are always inspiring. But really inspiration is all around us, just get outside it’s there.

What future tech gadget should be invented?

Well the only thing missing from those early Star Trek days now is the teleporter and boy do I need one right now. Then I can be in all the places I need to be at the same time!

What animal are you?

A mongrel dog, a mixed breed. Loyal, fun to play with and slightly mad! I could be a giraffe too, very cool.

What’s your beverage of choice? (alcoholic or not)

Morning coffee from The Espresso Room in Great Ormond Street, London. Although if you want to buy me a drink then mines a pint please.

How do you like your guacamole: mild, medium or spicy?

I live in England so it’s hard to get any kind of guacamole! We’ve only just got avocados and no one has learned what to do with them yet! Seriously though, I am not a big spicy guy so I would go for mild.

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