The clothing brand CREEP was founded in 1997, but it wasn't until 2008 that Hiroshi Awai came on as creative director. He decided to start a menswear line blending cutting edge Japanese design with inspiration from American workwear. CREEP by Hiroshi Awai incorporates the cool of Japanese culture with an American edge. We decided to ask Hiroshi our Wittmore 10Q questions to get to know the man a little bit better:

Photo: Portrait of Hiroshi Awai

Whom do you admire?
Anybody who can come up with original ideas. And my mother.

What are your favorite 5 musical artists that you can't live without?
- J Dilla
- Stevie Wonder
- James Brown
- Michael Jackson
- Roy Ayers

What's the first thing that comes to mind to describe your personal style?

Photo: Hiroshi's design studio

What is the biggest inspiration for your line?

What's your favorite global city and what's your preferred airline to get there?
Osaka, Japan where I was born and grew up. I like flying with Air Canada.

Who is your favorite modern artist?
Antony Gormley.

What was the first car you ever owned, and what car would you buy right now?
I’ve never owned a car. But I would buy Range Rover right now if I could afford it.

Where are you most comfortable?
In my son’s bed sleeping next to him.

Name the most inspiring place you've ever seen first hand?

What future tech gadget should be invented?
External hard drive you can plug your brain to to save/store/add information.

What animal are you?

Do you have a daily routine?
Drop off my son at his school and go to the coffee shop nearby to get a cup of Americano in the morning.

Choose a superpower.
Time manipulation (ability to make the time go back, stop, and forward).

What's your beverage of choice? (alcoholic or not)
Americano and red wine (not together).

How do you like your guacamole: mild, medium or spicy?
I like everything spicy!

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