Wondering what Jamie considers his favorite Relwen pieces? Here are his top 3:

1. Military Parka

We've run this item nearly ever winter for the past 5 years straight, so it's sort of iconic to our brand and we think we make this ilk of product better than anyone else.



2. Woodsman Shawl Sweater

Another iconic style from us, we love necklines and the shawl is a shape that always looks masculine and functional.

3. Vertical Insulator
I love this piece due to its simplicity and wearability. I put this on under the Parka if temperatures reach Zero, while I can otherwise wear this piece alone as a more rugged sweater. It's a more modern looking piece but it works for our brand because it's also pure function and nothing that is superfluous--- the fabric is water resistant w/ 2 layer quilt-thru insulation that fits snug against the body due to knitted stretch side panels that allow movement.

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