Wittmore has had the honor of being a retail launch partner for Los Angeles based Weiss Watch Company as they brought to market the Standard Issue Field Watch and more limited Special Issue Field Watch over this past year. You can click here now to shop the collection of available timepieces and related accessories.

The company, founded by master watchmaker Cameron Weiss, has been a runaway success as they achieve American manufacturing milestones no other American watch brand has been able to accomplish. Namely, they are the only ones manufacturing, using serial production methods, cases, dials, and other components for their mechanical movement timepieces right here in the USA.

We sell out very quickly after receiving a new batch. Typically there's a waiting list. And we see Weiss fans visiting the shop fully informed on the backstory and why each timepiece is so special. For those who already own a Weiss watch, and for those thinking about making their first investment in an affordable everyday workhorse that will become a family heirloom, here is a great short film to share with family and friends that explains just how and why Weiss Watch Company is changing the game.



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