We've are big fans of Relwen. They don't adhere to normal fashion trends, they are not afraid of a little color, and their stuff is versatile, functional, and well-made. Scroll down for a few of our favorites for spring and summer. We'll show you how to style them, and when to where them.



This navy knit button-down is the softest shirt you'll ever buy. It's really unbelievable. Up close, the shirt is super soft to the touch and lightweight. It brings the best of both worlds of comfort and style.

Wear this: in the Bahamas while sipping a Mai Tai. Or for Sunday brunch with friends.









When you first lay eyes on this shirt, it looks like a regular blue gingham pattern. But when you take a look closer you'll find  there's a raised edge to the check. Such a nice detail. The fabric is also lightweight and very breathable. This shirt is a great option to layer under a summer suit and can take you all the way to happy hour with the sleeves rolled up. 

Wear this: Casual Fridays at the office.



We are starting to see more polos being worn again which we fully endorse. Polo shirts are easy, they go with almost everything, and when you wear the correct size, you'll look trim and streamlined. This soft and colorful polo is a great 100% cotton option to wear on those sweltering summer days. It is lightweight and moves with you.

Wear this: on the golf course, or at your next BBQ.








Some guys don't like to wear shorts and we understand. If you're one of those guys, then these flight pants are a great warm weather option. They are a lightweight relaxed fit so they're an easy alternative to jeans. You can roll up the bottoms, which also button, in case you find your self in the surf or wading through shallow water.

Wear this: on your next camping trip, with your favorite t-shirt and sandals or flip flops.







If you happen to need a light jacket for when there's a cool summer night's breeze, then this jacket is for you. It has a workwear look and can also be casually dressed up. There's also an extra handy lower back pocket for stashing something extra you might be carrying.

Wear this: biking to work in the morning. 





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