The music that filled our ears in July has us groovin' and movin'! We saw releases from R&B and alternative acts that helped us soundtrack the best times of summer so far. There was sex-god Miguel, funk-soul from The Internet, dance-psychedelia of Tame Impala, and a fun, loose, and free album courtesy of Wilco. Below you'll find a quick breakdown of these albums and what got us jammin'.  All have been added to our official summer playlist!

Miguel - Wildheart

Miguel hit superstar status with his Grammy winning song "Adorn" and was set as one of the new voices of R&B. With Wildheart, he brought a new sound with touches of 70s soul and funk. It's definitely Austin Powers approved.

Recommended: "DEAL", "waves", "leaves"


The Internet - Ego Death

Is soul jazz on a comeback? We sure hope so.. But this isn't your grandparents' jazz. If you're looking to hear what the jazz of today sounds like, then look no further than The Internet. Smooth, buttery, and what to throw on for date night. 
Recommended: "Special Affair", "Go With It", "Under Control"
Tame Impala - Currents
Kevin Parker is a musical genius and perfectionist. If you listen closely, you can hear why Parker is the best at his craft. There are 80s synths on top of 70s drum beats which makes you take a look outside of his previous efforts of psych rock glory. Hop into Currents and let it take you for a ride!
Recommended: "Let It Happen", "Eventually", "The Less I Know the Better", "Cause I'm a Man"
Wilco - Star Wars
Surprise! Free album from Wilco! This album might of been free but that doesn't mean it should be looked over. Star Wars sees Wilco at their tightest and concise yet. The sound breaks out of the Alt-Country and "Dad Rock" box and shows that Wilco still knows how to make a rock record. If we had to describe it, we would say it sounds like Brit Daniels of Spoon was George Lucas directing the jedi knights of Wilco how to make catchy hooks and textured sound.
Recommended: "More...", "Random Name Generator", "The Joke Explained", "King of You"

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