Cuisse de Grenouille was founded in 2010 by brothers Lucas and Severin Bonnichon in Paris, France. The small independent company sources its inspirations from the timeless vintage era of the 1960’s and a particular "gentleman surfer" look. They also reference icons such as Steve McQueen and Robert Redford.

Lucas and Severin started making board shorts first, and since then have grown Cuisse into a full European-made collection of clothing and accessories, and a beautiful flagship store.

We love the collection because of the perfect fit and soft comfortable fabrics. Their oxford cloth shirts need to be felt to be believed, and the classic chino is also a big hit with our clients - with a slim fit and a touch of stretch for comfort.

We reached out to Severin recently to check in and to see how he is spending his days during this crazy time. Here are his answers:

Favorite Spotify playlist >> Dreamseeker

Favorite French movie >> Le Magnifique 

Favorite American movie >>  I am a huge fan of Will Ferrell & Adam McKay, I would pick Anchorman!

Favorite piece of Cuisse de Grenouille at the moment >> all the T-shirts Julien are so comfortable! I wear chinos everyday! I love the new shirt Junior.06, it is so soft, and the green is perfect match with my eyes 😉

Where are you waiting things out? >> At the moment I’m in the family house in Britany on the seaside. I work remotely from here. Blue sky, birds whistling and the sun help a lot to think to get through this situation.

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