Gant Rugger

The recently resurrected GANT Rugger label incorporates archival fabrics, silhouettes and details, creating an authentic collection that closely reexamines the rich American Sportswear legacy of GANT.  The brand was founded in New Haven, CT in 1949, and is considered to be the American Sportswear originator. GANT introduced “The Ivy Look” to American consumers after WWII, invented the locker loop on the back of their shirts, and popularized the button-down collar across America. GANT Rugger, which originally launched in the early 70's as a bolder assortment of classic GANT items, started out of Stockholm, Sweden.

WITTMORE carries GANT Rugger because it's easy and wearable and you can wear it year round which is great. Chris uses rich colors and quality fabrics. It's really a nod to classic American Sportswear designed through modern eyes.

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