Bornn Cobalt Blue Swirl 8.5oz Tumbler

Bornn cobalt blue swirl enamelware 8.5oz tumbler. Use for water, tea, wine or whatever your drink preference. Enamelware is made by fusing glass onto heavy gage steel. Each piece is handmade individually which all patterns will differ from each other. 

Oven safe
Freezer Safe
Suitable for Food
Do not use in a microwave

Handmade in Turkey

Hand wash with sponge preferred and dry with a towel.
Dishwasher safe on top rack on glass setting. 

Bornn Enamelware is a pioneer in the artisanal craftsmanship of enamelware.
They have a rich history of enamelware and by using traditional manufacturing techniques that dates back to the 15th century while focusing on modern designs.